Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this course for women only?

There is a well documented gender diversity problem in the technology industry. Sky recognises that if a workforce is more diverse, it is better able to adapt to the changing needs of its customers, ultimately producing more innovative products and next-level services. A workforce with a good sense of gender balance is also shown to enhance the wellbeing of all employees. Increasing gender diversity in technology is therefore crucial for employers and employees alike.

In order to achieve greater gender diversity we need more women in the pool of talent we’re able to recruit from. We always recruit the top people available for the job, and with the Women in Technology Academy we aim to help and encourage more women to gain the skills they need to fit into this category.

The fact that these courses are for women only is a reflection of this specific aim of getting more women in the industry. The idea is not to exclude men, but to include more women in an industry where they are currently massively under-represented.

We hope that, in a few years, targeted initiatives such as this one will no longer be necessary, and that the culture in and surrounding the technology industry will have evolved to become more diverse and inclusive. In the meantime, we hope that initiatives such as Sky's Get into Tech will help to accelerate this cultural change.

Part time or full time?

Each of the courses will cover a slightly different range of topics, as on the full time course we can cover more than on the part time and evening courses. On all courses you’ll learn the basics of Software Development using modern web technologies. See the Course pages for more info

How much will it cost me?

All of the courses in the Get into Tech initiative are free for participants.

Can Sky help cover expenses?

No, participants will need to cover their own travel, food, accommodation and personal expenses.

Will I get a certificate/qualification at the end of the course?

No, there will be no formal certificate or qualification given as part of this course. However, you will finish the course with industry relevant knowledge and experience, and the beginnings of a portfolio of Software projects, which should help you on your way to becoming a professional Software Developer if you wish to pursue this as a career.

Will I get a job at the end of the course?

This is not a job application process, so no jobs will automatically be offered at the end of the course. However, we hope that the courses will equip participants with the skills they need to pass one of our entry level Assessment Centres, and participants will be welcome to apply for a job at Sky after completing the course if they wish to.

Will I need my own computer to do the course?

No - Sky will provide each participant with a laptop to use for the duration of the course.

Mixed Groups/Non Women-only courses

As this initiative has been created to encourage a greater sense of gender balance in technology, we don’t offer a beginner level course for men or mixed groups. However, there are many free courses available elsewhere and online open to anyone interested in starting out in technology. If you already have experience in technology and are interested in working for Sky, please have a look at the opportunities available on Work For Sky

Do I need any previous experience or qualifications in order to get a place on the course?

No - all we look for is passion, potential and aptitude, no experience necessary!